Nature Tourism Wonoasri Forest Seper District Jatipurno Of Wonogiri Regency

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Wonogiri Regency has tremendous natural potential, ranging from mountains, forests, caves, to the sea and beautiful beaches. One of nature tourism in the form of pine forest in Wonogiri regency is Wonoasri Nature Tour.

Nature tourism is located in the forest area of ​​perhutani in the village Balepanjang Jatipurno district Wonogiri district. In this place presents the natural scenery of pine trees or pine forests with a very cool atmosphere.

The main tourist area has been polished into a flower-colored garden with a shaped configuration gunungan puppet.

Based on information from the Chairman of the Wonoasri Forest Village, Maryadi that Wonoasri Nature tourism is equipped with enough rides, ranging from riding area, rabbit train, viewing post, flying fox, mosque, camping ground and entertainment area.

“In the future we will develop this tour to be equipped with other rides such as strowberry garden, umbrella house, miniature Indonesia, Java park, and other rides” he explained.

To reach to the tourist Wonoasri quite easy with access road that can be passed by four-wheeled vehicles to the location. humas wonogiriDistance from Wonogiri City approximately 60 km by taking the journey of 60 minutes.

With the admission price is quite affordable we can enjoy the atmosphere of vacation in the open with family.

Curious about Nature Tour Wonoasri Seper Forest District Jatipurno Wonogiri Regency? Let’s join the games Wonogiri!

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