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humas wonogiri

Wonogiri Regency is one of the places chosen by the Kings of Java in sharpening spiritual ability, closer to the Creator as well as efforts to achieve dreams and ideals. Many petilasan in Wonogiri District used to be a place for meditation, from mountains, caves, beach area to wilderness.

One of the famous spiritual spacecraft legends is in the Natural Tourism Object of Kahyangan located in Dlepih Village, Tirotomoyo District. The location of Kahyangan tourism is located at the southeastern tip of Wonogiri regency with distance from Wonogiri City about 40 km. Access road is quite adequate that can be passed by four-wheeled vehicles to the destination location.

Nature Tour Kahyangan presents a natural atmosphere of the hill with large trees looming with springs that form a fairly heavy stream.

The rush of currents from Kahyangan’s springs creates the strains of the natural sound that reassure the heart. Perhaps because of this atmosphere, Kahyangan was chosen as the ideal place to meditate while drawing closer to the divine.

According to the legend, Kahyangan was the place of Panembahan Senopati, a ruler in Mataram to meditate or meditate with a desire to become a King. After being imprisoned for some time, Panembahan Senopati can finally establish a communication with the ruler of the South Sea known Kanjeng Ratu Kidul to help realize his dream of becoming King of Mataram. History proves that after meditating in Kahyangan, Panembahan Senopati managed to hold the reins of leadership as the First King of Mataram without any bloodshed at all.

There are several petilasan that exist in Nature Tourism Kahyangan namely:

humas wonogiri

Selap Gapit, are two large rocks that coincide each other to form cetah which is used as the entrance to the other petilasan.

Sela Bethek, is one of the places where there is a large rock shaped beneath which can be used for shelter.

Sela Umbrella, is a place of meditation Panembahan Senopati in the form of a large stone with a large cavity in the side to the bottom so it can be used as a shelter.

Sela Gawok, is a large stone with a hole in the stone that is only enough for one person to meditate.

Sela Gilang, is a flat stone used by Panembahan Senopati to perform the five-day prayer service.

Kedung Pasiraman, is a place in the flow of Kahyangan springs used Panembahan Senopati Semadi kungkum (berendam).

Poaching of Batu Tasbih Panembahan Senopati

There is a legendary story about the stoned Panembahan Senopati tasbih stones scattered in the springs of Kahyangan that continue to be hunted people up to now because it is believed to have magical power.

Ancient times when Panembahan Senopati was meditating and accompanied by Kanjeng Ratu Kidul the ruler of the southern sea, startled by the presence of a human, named Nyai Puju. Nyai Puju is a local resident who works daily in and out of Kahyangan area. Until one day see Panembahan Senopati meditate accompanied by Kanjeng Ratu Kidul which is a figure of supernatural beings.

humas wonogiri

Surprised by Nyai Puju’s presence, Kanjeng Ratu Kidul pulled Panembahan Senopati’s arm. Because of panic, Kanjeng Ratu Kidul also accidentally pulled the Panembahan Senopati beads to break the string. So the studded rock of this tasbih in the flow of the springs Kahyangan.

Then Kanjeng Ratu Kidul said that whoever finds this rosary beads will get happiness. From this legend then many people hunt the stone beads Panembahan Senopati by visiting the Nature Tourism Kahyangan and meditate there.

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