Humas Wonogiri : 12 Thousand Soul In Wonogiri District Not Covered By Jamkesmas

humas wonogiri

WONOGIRI_ The Government of Wonogiri Regency shows its seriousness in providing free health service for poor people. Wonogiri Regent Joko Sutopo on Monday (15/5) at the Provincial Financial Aid Facility Facility to the Village, in Pendopo Rumah Dinas Bupati, urged all Village Heads to rearrange the poor citizens to ensure that the data of the number of people still living in poverty.

According to Drs. Suwartono Head of Wonogiri District Social Service, there are 372,680 poor people who are entitled to receive free health services.

Currently that can be backed up as many as 359,883 people, with details of Healthy Card recipients or Jamkesmas center 328 413 inhabitants, Jamkesda Province 4485 and Jamkesda District about 26 thousand inhabitants.

A total of 12790 people have not received Jamkesda because of constrained ID cards and people with disabilities. Village officials to re-register their citizens.

Meanwhile, President Director of Soediran Mangun Soemarso Setyarini Hospital said that the coverage of Public Health Insurance through BPJS in Wonogiri Regency is about 52.58%, the lowest in Soloraya or in Central Java Province.

This is a wide-ranging factor, uneven distribution of population, communication infrastructure facilities that are still lacking and especially for parties concerned to socialize things Jamkesmas.

In relation to health services for poor citizens in RSUD SMS, Setyarini said that the third-class ward of the highest residential lecturers, so that many patients are not accommodated. Third-grade wards are also often pregnant mothers give birth to infants less weight.

To overcome the number of patients then RSUD will build additional class 3 wards. In addition, the data of 2016 shows the cost of BPJS class 3 of 27 billion so through the calculation of APBD, the government of Wonogiri Regency able and able to realize free health service in 2018. (HUMAS)

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